Project:Maserati Biturbo

I set out to have a timeless Maserati Biturbo , update to date, fast and most of all reliable. So to save time and money, I came across a car that said this has already been done.. A "Turn Key Solution"... It was FAR from it.... So here I log my journey..

  • New Fuse Box w/ More relays
  • Dual front Mount intercoolers (in front on wheels
  • Ceramic Ball Bearing Turbos (from an 01' 3200)
  • Tec3r Full Sequential ECU
  • Jet-Hot Headers - Headers from newer Racing series (more flow)
  • Dual Exhaust w/Fiberglass Wrap
  • Polished and ported heads
  • Droped Radiator to allow more air flow
  • Added Oil cooler with remote oil filter
  • Water Injection (coming summer 09')
  • Picture Above:

    Picking up my Maserati up In Denver, CO After being in storage for 5 months.


    10/7/08 - Taking Car to Electromotive to try and tune car.